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As   Caterpillars   is   a   charity,   it   relies   heavily   on   our   fundraising   events   to   raise   money   to   buy   much   appreciated   new   toys   and equipment for the children. Each   school   year   the   volunteer   committee   arrange   different   events   for   the   parents   and   children   to   partake   in   to   raise   money   for the   pre-school   .   We   aim   to   hold   two   large   fundraising   events   every   year,   one   at   Christmas   and   one   during   the   Summer.   At   each fayre   we   like   to   have   different   craft   activities   and   games   for   everyone   to   be   able   to   join   in   with.   We   hold   a   raffle   with   prizes that   have   been   donated   by   local   organisations   &   businesses   &   our   very   generous   parents.   For   example,   tickets   to   Paulton’s   Park, Marwell Zoo, and Longdown Dairy Farm. Alongside   our   fayres   we   also   hold   mini   events   during   the   academic   year,   which   may   include   colouring   competitions,   fancy   dress days,   sponsored   events,   children’s   photograph   sessions,   etc,   and   we   are   also   very   lucky   to   have   a   direct   link   to   Father   Christmas. Each year we deliver him the children’s letters from our magical post box and he very kindly writes back! In   the   past   we   were   able   to   raise   enough   money   to   provide   the   outdoor   canopy   and   the   soft   outdoor   surface.   More   recently   we have   bought   the   new   wooden   outdoor   playhouse   and   some   brilliant   wooden   blocks.   We   are   always   aiming   to   improve   the   childrens environment and this is only achieved through our fund raising. The   pre-school   also   collect   the   vouchers   from   our   local   supermarkets;   Tescos,   Morrisons   and   Sainsburys.   We   have   been   lucky enough to receive lots of different items with the vouchers we have collected. We   have   also   been   linked   to   a   school   funding   website   that   donates   a   percentage   of money spent when a parent uses this  link  before they shop.
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